Geode Engineering carries out tasks as Scheduling, Steering and Coordinating both during preparation, implementation,

acceptance and warranty period of perfect completion.

For scheduling, preparation and monitoring of construction’s planning:

-          The inventory and updating technical and administrative constraints and formalities conditioning design work and

implementation of the program

-          Establishment of the general planning for the operation, setting deadlines for compliance with the overall time for

all phases of design for all decisions to the architectural choices, selection of contractors and implementation of construction

if integrating necessary and the proposed variations retained

-          Planning studies and preliminary administrative tasks

-          Development of contractual schedule companies

-          Developed detailed implementation schedule

-          Editing a schedule related to the completion of construction for the building, the VRD, fittings and fluid connections,

networks and evacuations.

For controlling interventions and actions on the progress of the site according to the schedule:

The review of contractual documents with a complete inventory of tasks, decisions, choices and options to take over the control

of the work on the site

Monitoring compliance of deadlines for the preparation of documents for project design

Organization, coordination of meetings

Monitoring compliance with the planning and definition of measures to take in case of delay observed by companies

Development schedule remedial

Obtaining compliance from organization to inspect the work after completion

- Organization of relations between companies and between different stakeholders (coordination)

Dissemination of information and documents to all stakeholders

Proposal for a clear procedure to facilitate the communication of information and document flow

Examination of the overall organization of the site for facilities, supplies, accesses, traffic

Establishment of a systematic account of site

Information of the client and the architect of all problems that may delay or generate conflicts

Participation in reception operations


In addition certain operations:

General supervision of works

The ability to manage the site to control the work in progress and payments.

Maintained the corrections of work and if necessary, proceeds to their corresponding


- The organization coordinates and controls the raising of reserves. The company is responsible for this corresponding task.