GÉODE Engineering assists you in the management of environmental issues linked to your projects,

whether related to land or the creation / monitoring industrial or commercial sites.

Details of services provided:

HQE *:

Cross - achievement of all targets

Design studies and site supervision for the project certification HQE ® Bâtiment, Planning HQE ®, HQE Exploitation ® Planning:

Impact studies on the environment (environmental feasibility studies, records of water according to the law, etc.)

- Storm water Management (alternative)

- Managing flood risk (PPR compliance record , etc.).

- Wastewater Management (autonomous sanitation, semi-collective)

- Management of polluted sites and soils based project management

- optimization of waste collection, etc.

- A committee Management for environmental protection:

- Completion of regulatory files ICPE (declaration and authorization)

- Optimise your facilities and assistance from state services

- Water Management (fires, dirty storm water, etc.).

Management of historical or accidental pollution

Waste Management:

- Waste Storage Facility (landfill sites, the construction of waste devices, etc.).

Our strengths and resources

Geode Engineering assures you that its environmental engineering services will integrate into your projects.

Our main advantage is to control and analyse the projects from its beginning up to their completion.

Some references

Master Lumber - Creating waste disposal cells - STAR

Project Follow - Rehabilitation of old landfill Mare Water Hen in

Salazie - CIREST

Mastery of work - work amendment to the waste disposal of Small Island cirest Kit Water Act - Proposed subdivision

ICPE - folder Creation of a center - animal clrest

Technical Editing - authorization processing center ELV an application file

Impact Analysis - Development of a resort near a biological reserve

cal -Saint- Philippe