GÉODE Engineering assists you in your projects for the economic use of energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal is to reduce your energy bill with the prospect of real energy savings.

Details of services provided:

-          Fluid design installation (HVAC, Désenfumage , Pb, Solar Elec ) for the construction or renovation of residential,

commercial and industrial buildings (offices, educational buildings, health, sports, etc. . )

-          Energy Audits (building and industry):

-          Analysis of existing energy performance (buildings, air conditioning, lighting, hot water, specific electricity, ventilation use ... )

-          Proposed solutions for improvement ( on the frame, equipment and renewable energy ) to reduce the consumption

( technical specifications , costing, profitability)

-          Establishment of  multi-annual work programs growing in performance and investment approach -

scale groups of buildings for heritage management

-          Process optimization , building and industrial equipment

-          RES feasibility study : Analysis of the need and desirability of location based building

            Description of technical solutions (performance, costing, profitability)

-          Helps the client to take decisions

-          Operating tracking equipment

-          Thermal Dynamics Simulation in Pleiades + COMFIE :

-          Study the characteristics of the building (inertia, indoor temperatures by facade detail by post consumption)

-          Modeling improvement solutions

Our Missions:

- Diagnostic of facilities of fluids / Feasibility Study

- Assistance to Project Owner (AMO)

- Mastery of work ( full mission : ESQ- > AOR )

- Realization of studies and Summary Execution

- Study TSR - DOM approach PERENE

Our strengths and resources

Our team of expert engineers and technicians in energy efficiency will put their skills at your service to provide e

xpert tools for decision making, support solutions to energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and to limit the impact of

buildings in the environment.

Some references

Master Lumber - Replacing the air conditioning of the control tower of the airport wearing Roland Garros

Project Follow - Fluids Homes, shops etc. . . .