GÉODE Engineering assists you in managing your building projects involving rehabilitation, construction and /or demolition. We design, calculate, define and optimize your works and projects according to your architectural plans and topography of the land.

Details of services provided:

Rehabilitation and construction of individual houses, schools and colleges including metal works.

-  Construction of commercial buildings, offices, shops etc. .

-  Buildings of gymnasium and stadiums for sporting and cultural activities

-  Buildings of hospitals and medical homes

-  Construction of industrial warehouses, production plants with installation of water tanks and water retention systems.

Our missions:

- Assistance to the Client (AMO)

- Mastery of work (EOM)

- Realization of performances of works Plans

- Control and implementation

- Expertise

- Seismic study: Geode Engineering has experience in the latest development in computing and Computer Aided Design

- Survey of building: our research department is also equipped with the latest tools Technology with equipment ACAD IN for building surveys live 3D

Our strengths and resources

GÉODE Engineering offers expertise that fits in all phases of your project: from the beginning to the end of the works. We offer a personalized engineering in line with your expectations, while respecting the context and the issues specific to your projects. For this, we provide you with qualified well-trained teams and the latest high-performance computing tools.

Some references

Master Lumber - 326 social housing - Saint Louis

Distributed as follows: 154 - SIDR , 172 - SHLMR Maitrise d'oeuvre - Rehabilitation of 13 Schools - Region

Following Projects - Rehabilitation of schools 7 -Mairie Buffer

       - Rehabilitation of communal Pond Park Gol -Saint- Louis Project

       - Project of a shopping center - Three Pools